Raghee Horner: An Expert Trader and Mentor in the Forex Industry

Hello Friend! Are you interested in learning more about forex trading? If yes, then you might have heard of Raghee Horner. In this article, we will be discussing who Raghee Horner is, her trading strategies, and how she became a mentor to many aspiring traders.

Who is Raghee Horner?

Raghee Horner is a well-known forex trader, author, and mentor. She has been trading in the forex industry for more than 15 years and has gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the field. She is also the author of several books about forex trading, including Forex Trading for Maximum Profit and Thirty Days of Forex Trading.

Horner started her trading journey in the futures market and eventually transitioned to forex trading. She has been featured in various financial news outlets like CNBC and Bloomberg and has been a keynote speaker at trading conferences worldwide.

Trading Strategies

Horner is known for her simple yet effective trading strategies. She believes that traders should focus on a few key indicators instead of using complex trading systems. One of her favorite indicators is the “Ichimoku Cloud,” which is a technical analysis tool that helps traders identify trends and support/resistance levels in the market.

Horner also emphasizes the importance of risk management in trading. She advises traders to use stop-loss orders and to always have a trading plan in place before entering a trade. She also recommends that traders should only risk a small percentage of their trading account on each trade.

Becoming a Mentor

Horner’s success in trading has led her to become a mentor to many aspiring traders. She has created various educational resources, including online courses and mentorship programs, to help traders improve their skills and achieve their trading goals.

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Horner believes that anyone can become a successful trader with the right mindset and discipline. She emphasizes the importance of having a trading plan, sticking to it, and continuously learning and improving one’s skills.


Q: What is forex trading? A: Forex trading is the buying and selling of currencies in the foreign exchange market.
Q: Is forex trading risky? A: Yes, forex trading is considered a high-risk investment. Traders can lose all or a significant portion of their trading account if they do not manage their risk properly.
Q: Can anyone become a successful trader? A: Yes, anyone can become a successful trader with the right mindset, discipline, and education. However, trading requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and success is not guaranteed.


Raghee Horner is an expert trader and mentor in the forex industry. Her simple yet effective trading strategies and emphasis on risk management have helped many traders achieve success in their trading journey. With her educational resources and mentorship programs, Horner continues to inspire and guide aspiring traders to reach their full potential. Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you in our next interesting article!